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Welcome to the Brock Lab! In January 2024 I will join the Biology faculty at San Diego State University as an Assistant Professor in the Evolutionary Biology Program. I am recruiting one M.S. and two Ph.D. students to start Fall 2024! E-mail me if you are interested in joining the lab.


I study the ecology, evolution, physiology, and behavior of reptiles on islands and in cities. I use a combination of large-scale field studies, behavioral experiments, genetics and genomics, and comparative methods to understand how organisms respond to environmental change, human activities, and urbanization. 


My fieldwork largely takes places in the Greek Cycladic islands, where Team Savres and I use this special archipelago to understand how life (mainly reptiles) evolves in different environments and ecological contexts.

Podarcis wall lizards (wallies) are my star study species. Team Savres has ongoing Podarcis projects in Greece, Italy, Los Angeles, and San Diego.


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