Team Savres means "Team Lizards" in Greek. It takes teams of people to accomplish our research goals, and I am fortunate to work with many wonderful scientists while solving lizard mysteries. Click on their photograph to learn more about members of Team Savres.


Principal Investigator

Kinsey Brock, Ph.D.


NSF Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Biology (2021-2024)

    UC Berkeley (Dr. Ian Wang)

    National Kapodistrian & Univ. of Athens (Dr. Panayiotis Pafilis)

Ph.D. Quantitative & Systems Biology

    UC Merced (Dr. Jessica Blois)

M.S. Conservation Ecology

    University of Michigan (Dr. Johannes Foufopoulos)

B.S. Program in the Environment

    University of Michigan

B.A. Art & Design

    University of Michigan

E-mail: kbrock@berkeley[dot]edu

Pronouns: she/her