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I am an artist. I create art about my research to communicate ideas and feelings I have throughout the process of discovery. Much of my research related artwork is inspired by nature, Ancient Greek pottery, and myths. The Cyclades islands, where most of my research takes place, has an ancient and mysterious artistic history that fascinates me. Cycladic figures, or idols, feature prominently in my art. Their abstract and naturalistic beauty move me. The landscape and light of Greece are more than subject matter – they shape the life of the islands. I also like to play with blending the real and the imaginary. 

If you are interested in collaborating with me as an artist - please reach out! I've illustrated zines, podcasts, scientific articles, and more !

Images below are for sale as originals and prints – 100% of the proceeds will go to purchasing gift student memberships to the Herpetologists' League, where I am the Student Affairs committee chair (Herp League info here). Shoot me an e-mail (kmbrock @sdsu . edu) to coordinate a purchase. Thanks for supporting students - they are the future!

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