Evolution of color polymorphism in Aegean Wall Lizards | 2017

Color polymorphism is evolutionarily unique. Why does one species exhibit multiple discrete phenotypes, or morphs? How do these shift and change across the landscape and in extremely isolated populations? 

Evolution of morph loss in Uta stansburiana | 2016

Investigating the geographic variation in polymorphism in Uta stansburiana - focusing on morph loss and potential selective forces against certain morphs in different habitats. 

Functional ecology of island lizards | 2014

In a study led by my friend and collaborator, Dr. Colin Donihue, we found that bite force was not related to available prey items on islands, but rather intensified intra-specific competition. Check out our publication in Functional Ecology, listed on my publications page. 

Cyclades | 2013

Re-visiting Cycladic islands to model the evolution of anti-predator defenses in Aegean Wall Lizards. 

Evolution of anti-predator behavior in island populations of the Aegean Wall Lizard | 2012

My first summer of field work in the Aegean islands measuring the anti-predator defenses of Cycladic island populations of P. erhardii.

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