I am a Quantitative & Systems Biology Ph.D. candidate in the Blois Lab at the University of California, Merced. My research interests are primarily aimed at identifying underlying mechanisms of phenotypic evolution in reptiles, with a particular emphasis on color polymorphism.

Currently, my research is focused on the evolution of color and pattern differences within species that leads to reproductive isolation and speciation. Much of my work lies at the interface of ecology, phylogenetics, and biogeography. 

Awarded a National Geographic Society Waitt Grant for speciation research on the Aegean Islands 
Awarded the School of Natural Sciences Dean's Distinguished Scholars Fellowship

Two of my W-STEM mentees, Indiana Madden and Cynthia Ramos, will join me as field assistants in Greece this summer. Fieldwork on the evolution of color polymorphism in Aegean Wall lizards will continue May 2018.  

Follow us on social media at the hashtag #TeamSavres2018 !


Animals Behaving Badly Television Program production in Greece with the BBC. 

Airing in the US on PBS spring 2018!

#TeamSavres2017 sampled over 700 polymorphic lizards from more than 20 Aegean islands! Both Indiana and Adam published short manuscripts and I couldn't be more proud and thankful for their hard work and dedication!

Thanks to National Geographic, UC Merced Graduate Division, and ASUCM for their support of our research!

RadioBio won several leadership awards this academic year, including the University Friends Circle Community Engagement Award and $1,000 to help fund our next big event, ValleyBio. Join us for a night of scientific discovery at the Merced Multicultural Arts Center Friday, October 19th as part of Homecoming Weekend at UC Merced. 

Kinsey M. Brock

University of California, Merced

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