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Carson House Living Learning Community planting a tea bed at the UCM Campus Garden

As an artist, musician, and scientist, I strongly believe in the creative process, diversity in collaboration, and hands-on experiential learning. In the classroom, I invite students to realize how much agency and power they have to create their own forms and processes, which can impact learning and generative aspirations in and outside the curriculum. 


Much of my volunteer and university-related service work is aimed at increasing inclusion and scientific exchange in communities and self-efficacy in individuals. I thoroughly enjoy working with and mentoring first-generation college students as I, too, am a first-gen college student/graduate that navigated a stark transition from the farm to a large university. Though my extension projects vary from science communication to the unique challenges women face in academia, the foundation of all these endeavors is built on a culture of understanding, equity, and inclusion with the goal of creating community where individuals from diverse backgrounds come together to create, learn, and grow.


Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math at UC Merced is dedicated to the advancement of women in STEM fields through professional development and mentorship.


I served as founding President of this group and co-founded the W-STEM mentorship program which spans undergrads, graduate students, staff, and faculty in membership with the goal of retaining and developing the careers of women in STEM at UC Merced. Follow W-STEM on Twitter for the latest info on professional development events and discussions on the unique challenges faced by women in STEM @wstem_UCMerced 


RadioBio is a podcast all about biology, from molecules to ecosystems, produced by graduate students in the Quantitative & Systems Biology graduate group at the University of California, Merced.

I co-founded this group with 10 other biology graduate students in 2017 as a science communication project that weaves together art, science, and storytelling to communicate biological research and its societal implications. RadioBio's mission is to increase scientific literacy through free science podcasts and outreach events!

Check out RadioBio's free podcasts and science outreach events at

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Carson House: Sustainable Futures is a Living Learning Learning Community for first year undergraduates at UC Merced. Students build and engage in sustainability initiatives on campus and in the greater Merced community. 


I helped build the program, develop the curriculum, and guide the first two generations of Carson House students through their first year of college as the graduate House Fellow. The founding students continued the work and are building connections through Carson Club. 

Follow Carson Club on Instagram to keep up with sustainability initiatives in Merced and the Central Valley @carsonclubucm

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